(Senior) Research Engineer

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(Senior) Research Engineer




Information Technology


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(Senior) Research Engineer




We are looking for a Research Engineer to join the company's AI Products and Solutions team.

 Our client's mission is to enable the development of AI-first, outcome-driven products to improve learning experiences.

The position provides the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research in a highly collaborative environment that feels more like a start-up than a big company. You will help accelerate the delivery of data-driven products and services by providing expertise, standards, and solutions that help us all conduct R&D in an optimal way while preserving high quality and trust in the produced results. You will contribute to developing products that have an impact on millions of learners around the globe.


  • Implementing, evaluating, and improving prototype statistical models and machine learning algorithms (classic and deep neural networks)
  • Designing, implementing, operationalisation, and monitoring production-level machine learning algorithms as a service
  • Proactively evaluating promising technologies (e.g. frameworks, libraries) worth adapting in our workflow
  • Serving as a bridge between our AI team and Engineering teams
  • Creating technical documentation, incl. patent applications
  • Sharing your work results internally and externally (e.g. talks and workshops at conferences and meetups, journal publications)
  • We work in agile teams in which members can wear many hats, so you will have the opportunity to work on other project aspects, e.g. designing efficient solutions for large-scale data processing, prototyping machine learning algorithms, etc.



  • Proficiency in Python and data processing
  • Experience with ML frameworks, esp. Keras and/or TensorFlow
  • Proficiency in SQL and relational databases
  • Experience in statistical modelling and machine learning theory
  • Proficiency with Git-based code review
  • Proficiency with Linux or Unix-like systems
  • Experience with best practices for software engineering
  • Experience with working in a diverse, remote, asynchronous team
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English


  • Proficiency in cloud ML-related service, preferably on AWS (S3, EC2, Athena, EMR, Glue, Lambda, SNS, SageMaker)
  • Experience with Natural Language Processing
  • Proficiency in big data processing frameworks, e.g. Spark
  • Experience with other programming languages, e.g. C , Scala, Golang
  • Experience with GPGPU
  • Experience with Docker
  • Experience with Jupyter Notebook
  • Experience with workflow automation tools (Airflow / luigi /kubeflow)
  • Experience with other ML-related tools (DVC, MLflow, horovod)
  • Experience with Ansible

Primary Location: PL-PL-Poznan


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