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Director of Security


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Information Technology


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Director of Security
Barcelona Spain

Reporting to the Chief Security Officer and SVP of Research & Security, the Director of Security is in charge of defining, implementing and enforcing security protocols and processes at all levels of the organization, including physical, software, project management and other areas.
The Director of Security will manage a team of aprox. 10 security analysts and cryptography researchers working together to achieve the goals of the Department and support the responsibility of Security within company’s projects.
•Establish the Security strategy at a worldwide level for the Company Group
•Lead the team of Security area of the Research & Security Department
•Guarantee the information security compliance (ISO 27001 and/or GDPR) from:
oCompany’s headquarters and all the branch offices
oAny information asset owned by Company’s Group
oAny software and technology delivered by companies
oProcesses and activities from all company’s employees and subcontractors
•Assess the security of every software developed by the company, identifying rooms for improvement and action plans, establishing the strategy and guidelines for the team of Security Analysts (i.e., define, maintain and follow-up the Secure-Software Development Life Cycle of the 
•Risk management for any day-to-day activity
•Security training and security awareness as a Security Expert
•Advise Governments as an expert on Security and Electronic Voting technologies
•Participate in tenders and marketing events as a subject matter expert on Security and Electronic Voting technologies
•Lead the security audit processes implemented in the different projects
•Participate in the Technical Committee of the company
•Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, or any other related
•Previous experience as a Security Consultant or Security auditor
•Extensive experience in the field of security
•Analysis and development of security protocols
•Project management
•Experience managing teams, and strong organizational skills.
•Software Engineering concepts
•Good communicator of technical concepts to non-technical people
•Strong negotiation/influence skills
•Able to make the team proactive and motivated
•Working with responsibilities, not with tasks
•High level of English


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